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Nutrition Chart

Nutrients Men over 24 Women 25-50 Women 50+ Dieting
Calories  2900  2200      1900 max.  1600(M) 1200(W)
Fat  96g max.  73g max.  63g max.  63g max.
Saturated Fat  32g max.  24g max.  21g max.  21g max.
Cholesterol  300mg max.  300mg max.  300mg max.  300mg max.
Protein  63g  50g  50g max.  40-60g
Sodium  2400mg max.  2400mg max.  2400mg max.  2400mg max.
Carbohydrates  446g  335g  283g  120g
Fiber  20-30g  20-30g  20-30g  20-30g
Calcium  1000-1500mg  1000-1500mg  1000-1500mg  1000-1500mg
Vitamin C  3000mg+  3000mg+  3000mg+  3000mg+
Vitamin A  5000 IU  4000 IU  4000 IU  5000-4000 IU
Vitamin D  800-1200 IU  800-1200 IU  800-1200 IU  800-1200 IU
Magnesium  450-800mg  450-800mg  450-800mg  450-800mg
Vitamin E  10mg a-TE  10mg a-TE  10mg a-TE  10mg a-TE
Iron  15mg  15mg  15mg  15mg
Phosphorus  800-1200mg  800-1200mg  800-1200mg  800-1200mg
Zinc  20-40mg  20-40mg  20-40mg  20-40mg
Vitamin B6  50-100mg  50-100mg  50-100mg  50-100mg
Vitamin B12  100-1000mcg  100-1000mcg  100-1000mcg  100-1000mcg

Note: The above nutrients are for building better bones and are above the RDA: Recommended Dietary Intakes(Allowances), now called RDI(1997) National Academy of Sciences at

Seek professional help:  Your physician can investigate the possibility of a medical problem in digestion and diet.  A nutritionis can help you figure out a diet to fit your physical needs.

Digestion suggestions

Drink hot water and hot herb teas:  Hot water is an excellent way to detoxify the body and build digestive strength.  Simmering a few slices of ginger root in boiling water makes a ginger root tea that stimulates digestion  Ginger in food has the same effect, as does candied ginger root taken after meals.

Avoid overeating:  Excessive intake of food greatly burdens the entire digestive system.  Ancient Ayurveda medicine recommends consuming the amount of food that will fit into two cupped hands at any meal.  Practice moving away from the table while you are still a bit hungry.

Exercise: Better Bones Better Bodies (Keats 2000) suggests "use it of lose it" for muscles and bones.  Bone grows in strength according to the strain put upon it.  Those who just walk for exercise have a lower incidence of hip fractures than those who do not regularly walk.  For those who can't walk, even simple exercises done from a wheel chair have been to help build bone mass.  One-half hour of walking daily will help halt bone loss, however, more rigorous weight-bearing exercise is required to begin rebuilding bone density. 

Alkaline Balance: Our body's internal environment remains alkaline with a pH just above 7.0, so alkaline balance is very important for bone health.  For an acid alkaline food chart, go to  The National Institutes of Health website on osteoporosis and related bones diseases-National Resource Center is:

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