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Family pets are a part of your life - your companions, guardians and best friends. But just like any loved one, they can fall into harm's way. You should be aware of the dangers your pet can come across and the financial strain it will put on your savings. From bee stings and allergic reactions to swallowing a foreign object or breaking a bone, your pet could easily be hurt or injured and veterinary treatments may cost you more than thought. The last thing you need to worry about is an unexpected expense. Insurance Programs start at less than $10/month.

Benefits of PetCare Pet Insurance Programs

When you add a pet to the family you know that certain everyday needs like food, toys and routine health care (such as vaccinations and physical exams) are necessary to keep your pet healthy and happy. These expenses can be budgeted. What you do not know is whether or not a serious accident or illness is just around the corner.          Call us!


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